Taylor Elementary School's Cafeteria

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Our school is participating in the Community Eligibility Program; therefore, breakfast and lunch are free to all students regardless of economic status.


Start the Day Right:  Teach your children to eat a healthy breakfast every day, and you'll help them build an important habit for life.


Why should I eat breakfast?

Start by explaining to your youngsters that food gives them the energy they need to do schoolwork and to play.  Ask them, "Can we drive our car without gas in the tank?" When they say, "Of course not!" you can tell them that food is like fuel in their tanks.

What should I have?

Help your children learn how to put together a healthy breakfast using old magazines, have them cut out pictures of foods.  Then, they can glue several "meals" on separate paper plates. Discuss the choices. Have they included a protein - eggs, milk, or yogurt? Do they have whole grains, such as: oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, or whole-grain waffles? Did they add fruit?

What's available?

Our school cafeteria offers a variety of items daily that meet the national standard for a healthy meal. They will have the option of a hot or cold meal daily, and the milk selections are lower fat varieties.  Breakfast cereals are reduced-sugar versions with 100% fruit juice available daily. All the important components are there  to provide a nutritious meal, and the variety is sure to please everyone.