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Monday, July 11, 2016
Students need to practice typing

Technology skills are an important tool in life and in school.  Our students need to know how to type well to take advantage of all that technology has to offer.  Bradley County Schools has provided an online typing program for our students to access to practice these much needed skills at school and at home. 

Type to Learn 4 is the online typing program that we are using at school. We encourage students to practice typing at home too. As a parent, please DO NOT use this program to improve your skills. This is for student use only. If you use the student login it will advance your child beyond the skill level they are typing at and will not help them learn to type.


Here are the directions to download Type to Learn 4 at home.

Go to http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/


Under Student Use at Home Procedures, click on Full Version to download.

Students will login with the login information from school. (The login, password, and access code can be found on the Password sheet sent home from school. We cannot provide this code on the website for others to access.)

If you do not want to download this program on your computer, we suggest that you use another program to teach the correct fingering.  Here is a website that has other programs to help practice typing.


Click on the Typing Practice and try some of these web sites.

Thank you - practice will help improve our typing skills.


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